5 Reasons Why Virtual Staffing Will Be the Biggest H.I.M. Hiring Trend of 2022

The COVID-19 virus caused seismic shifts in the healthcare marketplace. Many healthcare facilities found that the unrelenting surge of COVID-19 data, combined with constantly changing regulatory and compliance needs, created an overwhelming demand for efficient H.I.M. and coding processes.

Others had their operations come to a grinding halt during mandatory shutdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and elective procedure pauses. Even after restrictions were lifted, many providers still found that their practices weren't operating at maximum capacity.

Now, almost a year after the global pandemic hit the U.S., both healthcare providers and payers are still struggling to operate amid continued marketplace uncertainty. These healthcare organizations need to run efficiently, remain agile, and maintain compliance with ever-changing economic conditions and patient demand.

To meet these new challenges, many healthcare providers are outsourcing functions that can be managed offsite, including their medical coding processes — making virtual staffing one of the biggest H.I.M. hiring trends of 2022.

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